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1.         Mid-Film Crisis.  60 min. This is a very rough work-in-progress. 


This is a very rough work-in-progress.  


In the film’s primary narrative arc, filmmaker Kara (real and imagined) wants to have a baby. Framing the story are auditions and behind-the-scenes documentary footage as her feature is being shot about a single filmmaker who is trying to have a baby. Her Mom offers comical commentary on the life choices of both Kara and the actress playing Kara; the unsustainability of a life forged in the creative arts; and the difference between feminists of her own generation and Kara’s.


2.         The Callback. 13 min. 2023


The Callback is a 12-minute comedy about a struggling artist in an out-of-touch film industry. The film blends fiction, animation, humor, and poetry to call out an industry where women are underrepresented onscreen and off. 


3.         39 ½.  72 min. 2019


39 1/2 mixes narrative drama, comic irony, and animation to follow the journey of asingle, female experimental filmmaker pushing 40 and hell-bent on having a child.



4. Bachelorette, 34.  30 min. 2009.



Bachelorette, 34 examines the pressure society puts on women to find Mr. Right.


5. Grrlyshow.  20 min.  2001


A film about girlzines, zine-makers, and their relationship to contemporary feminism.





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