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Kara’s mother is obsessed with getting her daughter married. Kara, a single artist and filmmaker in San Francisco, has her doubts. Through the microcosm of her often hilarious interactions with her mom, Kara Herold’s Bachelorette, 34 examines the pressure society puts on women to find “Mr. Right.”

"Hey, wow! Forget five stars, this film deserves 34 stars. 'Bachelorette 34' is an exquisite gem-quality example of documentation at its best. Part persona, part universal truth serum. And always humouresque: part Harold Lloyd, part Joan Rivers morphed with Woody Allen on a good day. But definitely, all parts Kara Herold, a director with a voicevision to look out for." - Peter Wintonick, POV (Point of View) Magazine, Canada