Kara Herold is on tour, screening Grrlyshow, 

Bachelorette, 34 and a work-in-progess of 39 1/2

Book her today to come to your classroom or lecture hall.

"Kara Herold brings her wit and DIY aesthetic to classrooms to invite a lively conversation about feminism, womanhood, and the contemporary working class artist."

Kristy Guevara-Flanagan
Assistant Professor of Film
Head of Documentary
UCLA Dept of Film, Television & Digital Media

"Part persona, part universal truth serum. And always humoureque: part Harold Lloyd, part Joan Rivers morphed with Woody Allen on a good day.  But definitely, all parts Kara Herold, a director with a voicevision to look out for."

--Peter Wintonick, POV (Point of View) Magazine, Canada and programmer for the International

Documentary Film Festival in Amsterdam. 

DVD or Streaming + in person Q&A

  • A DVD or streaming license for the university library, with public performance rights.

  • Film screening plus Q&A or panel discussion with the filmmakers following the screening.

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