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Introducing The Callback: Kara & Lisa 

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 That's us in the photo! Lisa and I went to film school together in the 90s.   

    This Spring's On-Set Class, at Syracuse University, shot a film written by Lisa McElroy and Kara Herold called The Callback.  A 20-minute comedy, The Callback follows Maggie, a struggling artist in an out-of-touch film industry. As she chases her dreams despite Hollywood’s limitations, the film blends fiction, animation, humor, satire, and poetry to call out an industry where women are underrepresented onscreen and off.

    Additionally, my students took part in the creation of a crowdsourcing video and campaign for post-production, which we will be launching soon! In the mean time, I'm going to hand over this section of my site to two of my students—Asha and Erica—who will post updates and run the campaign.

Crew Spotlight 



    Working as the Associate Producer and Production Manager for 'The Callback' required me to create a unified look and feel for the film. The goal was to bring the director’s ideas to life by coordinating an overall visual appearance and artistic style throughout the production phase. 
In order to achieve this, I along with talented team members worked on the production design of the set and head the craft services department for the entire set ensuring that it syncs well with the day's schedule, and every member is fueled to keep on doing the amazing work. 
Under Kara's mentorship, learning was taking place even before the respective role started as she inspired me with her high project management skills and strive towards a feminist world as a filmmaker. Despite my difficult personal situation, Kara created a warm and conducive work environment. The film in itself was a major motivator for me to become part of, and I am excited to see it coming to life.



    Being on the production design team for the Callback involved tasks like developing an aesthetic for the stylized spaces in the story, selecting color schemes for each scene, painting the walls of the set, and decorating each environment with furniture, paintings, and props. I had a great experience helping with this production because of the wonderful people I got to work with! 



    Moving and monitoring equipment was my main role during filming, so my experience involved a lot of manual labor. While setting up, we had to keep an eye out for any possible problems that could occur with the equipment as a result of the weather conditions (mainly wind) and ensure that everything was properly secured. I feel like the most memorable part of the shoot was seeing my professors, Kara and Alex, working in their professional environment outside of the classroom; it was really interesting to see them in action.



    Hi i’m Jeanisha Mariah currently a junior in film and design. I took part in both production and costume design to help bring Kara’s vision to life! It was highly challenging and rewarding to see it transform from its bare bones into this colorful, playful atmosphere for a film that touches on not-so bright film industry especially regarding its outlook toward women. Additionally, I am looking forward to being able to use these fundamental skills I learned from this set into my future career as a production designer and can’t wait to see the final product!



    I had a great experience working on The Callback. I was a part of the production team, and wasi nvolved in production meetings, location scouting, securing food donations, and much more. On set, I was a production assistant, and had multiple tasks including but not limited to, getting food, taking actors to set, and helping the crew around set. I also ran a TikTok account for the film as well. This was definitely one of my favorite sets to work on. I met a lot of wonderful people who
are enthusiastic about their work, and learned a lot of valuable lessons that will help me throughout
my career as a filmmaker!

June/July: The Callback Editing Progress & Kickstarter 

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    Kara Herold and Lisa McElroy are working a final edit. Once music permissions are in place, we can finalize the animations and prep for sound design! Kara is busy editing and animating while dog and cat sitting in San Francisco and Lisa is busy drawing and doodling for the animations, finding music and giving lots of helpful editing notes. Asha has been busy prepping photoshop files and building a website for the film.

 Crew Spotlight: The SOURCE Workers 



    Being part of The Callback was an amazing

opportunity, especially as a SOURCE Worker

getting to see it in every stage of development.

I was part of the camera crew, meaning I helped our cinematographer set up the camera for each shot, keep batteries charged, and monitor recording. In the run up to the shoot, I was involved with more miscellaneous tasks, like research, set design, and location scouting; more recently I've been editing Photoshop files for animating, helping launch the Kickstarter, and designing this website!



    My name is Erica Negrini and I am a Junior in Film. On set, I took on the roles of DIT and grip. I had an incredible time on Kara's set, and it definitely inspired me to take on my camera roles in the future thanks to Alex and Ghazal. Excited to see the film!!!!!!!


March 2022: Shooting of The Callback


    In March of this year, the shooting of The Callback occurred over the course of a week. Two different crews—consisting of Syracuse University professors, outside industry professionals, and mainly students—put in hours of hard work, in order to achieve the film's creative vision. Dealing with such a limited timeframe, and unpleasant weather conditions, the team stayed motivated, managing to rise above the given circumstance.   

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